Spanish Guitarists

Spanish guitar music is a very popular choice for private events and weddings, especially for outdoor blessings where the bride & groom do not want to have traditional wedding music and hymn’s, which is more in keeping with a formal church ceremony.

A guitarist will usually play as guests arrive (pre-ceremony), during the ceremony, then followed by the canapé reception, which provides a sophisticated, stylish setting in keeping with the landscape for your guests to relax and enjoy.

Spanish Guitar Duo

Guillermo Femenias and Pedro Mateo

Sample repertoire list:
Musical transcriptions of Spanish classical composers: Manuel de Falla, Joaqun Rodrigo, Enrique Granados, Joaqun Turina e Issac Albniz, like: fragments from "La Vida Breve", "Danzas espaolas", "Danzas Gitanas", "Suite Iberia" to name a few.

Solo and duo Guitar repertoire from the XIX c. to the beginning of the XX c. , inspired in the traditional Spanish music by composers like Sor, Giuliani, Trrega, etc.

Latin American music:
Villalobos, Lauro, Ponce amongst others.

Transcriptions for 2 guitars of international popular songs: Leonard Cohen, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, American Folk and traditional country and blues music.

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Guitarist / singer / composer

Antonio was Born in 1973 in S.Spiritus Cuba. From a young age he began participating in local jam sessions and popular Fiestas. In 1989 he had moved to Havana were he began studying choir direction (ENIA) and classical guitar at the National School of Art (ENA). In 1996 he graduated with degrees as a choir director, instumentalist, guitar teacher and musical band director. Since 1995 he has performed and been an integrated member of diverse projects in Europe.

Since 2007 he has focused as a singer/song writer on developing a wide repertoire of songs (guitar & voice) and has also composers various pieces of instrumental music for solo guitar.

Antonio offers a wide instrumental and sung repertoire, covering different styles of music from classical Spanish music, Latin American music (bossanova, Tangos, Boleros) to well known Cuban and jazz standards.

He offers a musical concept which is perfect for many different situations from the small intimate dinner party, to a corporate event cocktail or gala dinner, a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception.

Antonio is currently based in Mallorca but he regularly travels and performs throughout europe.

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Spanish flairlowg
Serenata española


Spanish Flamenco guitar

Irrisitable is the word which defines the voice and songs of this guitarist, vocalist, arranger and composer.

Toni was born in Sevilla into a family of musicians and grew up in Mallorca. He made his first public appearance at the age of six. He later went on to become a stage and studio session guitarist / producer working with varios well known Spanish flamenco and flamenco/pop artists like Azuquita, Manolo Ortega, Joan Bibiloni, Alazan, DJ Carlos Gallardo, Joel, Sinay, Tomatito, Africa, Raimundo Amador and Sheiro amongst others. He formed part of the band Rumba Viva, which he stayed with for a few years before branching out alone to work on his solo carrer.

Toni has various projects which allow him to experiment and fuse flamenco and classical Spanish music (in the style of Paco de Lucia) with various different musical genres like Rumba, latin jazz, jazz, pop and chillout.

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Track 01
Track 02
Track 03
Track 04
Track 05


Mariano Miranda

This versatile, romantic and vibrant guitarist from Argentina is a very popular choice for wedding ceremonies & drinks receptions.

He covers a broad selection of classical music, Spanish classical and romantic Latin American music, amongst other styles.

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Recuerdos Alhambra
Vals Nº2
Ave Maria
Capricho Árabe
Sonidos Del Carrillon
Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
Perlude suite nº1
Fantasia Concierto de Aranjuez

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Leo Juanes
Guitarist / composer / arranger / band leader

Argentinean tangos & Spanish classical music.
Apart from his work a soloist performer, this guitarist also has an 8 piece tango orchestra and a duo which do chill out, ambient music in the style of Café del Mar, and Chambao. 

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Romance y recuerdos    

Roy Louis
Jazz, Latin, Experimental

Guitarist / Composer / Arranger

A native of Curacao/ the Netherlands, Roy is a seasoned veteran who has performed with the likes of Klaus Doldingers Passport, Roy Ayers, Isaac Hayes, Tom Brown, Ed Calle, Rachel Z, Hugo Fattoruso, Thad Jones, Toots Thielemans, Ronnie Laws, Warren Hill, Noel Pointer and Danilo Perez. He is an experienced guitarist, who comes from the crossover world between Jazz and Latin music. His career as a musician also includes many recordings with established artists from both Europe and the U.S.A. Roy is also a very gifted Composer and an Arranger in a variety of styles such as Electric Jazz, from Small Band to Big Band and Studio Orchestra, Latin Combos to Salsa Orchestra and from any style of American Popular music to Scoring for Full Orchestra. As a Composer/ Producer he is best known among professionals for his unique compositional style, harmonic concept and production sound. Roy has written countless T.V. Commercials, Jingles and Motion Picture Soundtracks. His formal education includes: Jazz Orchestration, Commercial Arranging, Film Scoring and Directed Studies with Ken Pullig, Gregg Hopkins and Donny Nolan.


Pablo San's
Guitarist / singer / songwriter

Pablo plays a mixture of Latin American folklore music (Tangos, boleros, Mexican Rancheros, Peruvian waltz’s, Queca Chilian Samba) rumba, classical Spanish music and popular Spanish songs, well known international standards done in a Latin feel and his own original compositions. Apart from his work as a solo guitarist /vocalist in which he combines playing acoustic with using sampled music and a drum machine to add harmonic layers and rhythm he also has various other group formats.

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Romance de Barrio
La Partida
Sabor A Mi

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