Salsa & Latin music

Puros Cubanos

Unplugged Acoustic moving band - Duration 2 hour period
5 piece Authentic traditional Cuban group in the style of "Buena Vista Social Club"
Vocals, trumpet, double bass, cuatro (4 string Cuban guitar), percussion.

This band can play in any situation, be it on a beach where there is no electricity or an event where the band is required to move around with ease from one area to another.
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Caribbean Trio

Charismatic Cuban “Buena Social Vista Club” style band covering the traditional and more contemporary Cuban repertoire: son, cha cha cha, boleros, mambo, as well as merengue, bachata and other Latin music styles.
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Ay Que Pena
Yo Vengo Aquí

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Ten Cuidao
Flor De Lis
Everything Is Made From Dreams


Brazilian Trio

This group formed by a Bandolim player, guitarist and pandeiro player (traditional Brazilian percussion instrument) play instrumental acoustic Brazilian music.

Their repertoire covers the best and most authentic Brazilian instrumental music, from “Choro” to “Bossa Nova” and “Samba”.
Tom Jobin, Vinicius de Moraes, Pixinguinha, Ernesto Nazareth, Jacob do Bandolim, Paulinho da Viola, João Gilberto, Toquinho, amongst others, are just some of the composers they interpret.

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Noites Cariocas
Bola Preta
Receita de Samba


Miami Sounds

Latin pop, salsa, soul and disco

Format: trio lead singer, keyboards/bv, midi tracks and live percussion/trumpet.
Dance classics from the 80’s and 90’s, Latin-American grooves, elements of Funk, Samba and Reggae rhythms.
With the singers Brazilian temperament and powerful voice, Miami Sound deliver a unique blend mix of Salsa, Cha, Cha, Cha, Brazilian beats together with modern R&B and soul, creating a sound associated with Palm Beach.

The core of the band is a trio to which we can add a drummer and more instruments to fit the occasion and budget.

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La Colegiala


Cuban guitar/vocal and trumpet/percussion duo

This Cuban guitar/vocal and trumpet/percussion duo bring the most authentic of Cuba to Europe and the world. It's all real. what you hear and feel is produces only with a guitar, two voices, trumpet and percussion. this duo have selected music which transmites with freshness the nostalgia and the rhythms of the island, recreating styles like Son, the Trova, Boleros, Guaracha and well known international songs. they also offer a more danceable and alternative repertoire from Timba, Latin Jazz to NewCuabn-Wave, amongst other styles. Depending on the event they also perform with their larger emsemble with the support of up to 3 musicians more... With this the Rumba is complete!

The "Feeling" (a Cuba expression), originality, musical maturity and years performing upon a stage can make the sun come out...even by night!

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Chan Chan
Oye Como Va
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Track 3


  Gipsy Maya King

Flamenco Rumba quartet
2 guitarists/vocalist, keyboard player and percussionist (Paila)
This group performs a mixture of original songs, Gypsy Kings covers, Luís Miguel, Peret, Alejandro Sanz and more…

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Djobi Djoba
Bamboleo, Bambolea


Gypsy Factoria


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Chiquita Bonita


Pablo Sense
Guitarist / singer / songwriter

Pablo plays a mixture of Latin American folklore music (Tangos, boleros, Mexican Rancheros, Peruvian waltz’s, Queca Chilian Samba) rumba, classical Spanish music and popular Spanish songs, well known international standards done in a Latin feel and his own original compositions. Apart from his work as a solo guitarist /vocalist in which he combines playing acoustic with using sampled music and a drum machine to add harmonic layers and rhythm he also has various other group formats.

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Romance de Barrio
La Partida
La Media Vuelta



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