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Velvet Music provide a wide range of hand held and wireless microphones, live pa sound systems, backlines, special effects and lighting for visiting artists and bands coming to Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera or in circumstances where a resident band need to upgrade PA equipment to accommodate the size of the venue or event.


SHURE SM58 LCE - vocal microphone for professional live performance
SHURE BETA-58 - vocal microphone
SHURE SM-57 - instrumental pick up and vocals
SHURE BETA-57A - instrumental microphone
SHURE 87-A – vocal microphone
SHURE KSM 137 - instrumental condenser microphone
SHURE KSM-9 - vocal microphone

AKG CK-1 - lectern, percussions, recording, drums.
AKG-D 112 - kick drum and low frequency instruments
AKG CK97L - lavalier microphone with miniature cardioid capsule for minimum ambience pickup
AKG C417L - miniature condenser microphone with mini XLR connector

NEUMANN KMS-105 - condenser vocal microphone
NEUMANN TLM 170 – multi-directional condenser microphones
NEUMANN U87A - Studio condenser microphone

BEYERDYNAMIC MC740N - studio condenser microphone
BEYERDYNAMIC OPUS66 - supercardioid dynamic percussion microphone BEYERDYNAMIC OPUS83 - cardioid condenser instrument microphone BEYERDYNAMIC OPUS65 - hypercardiod dynamic microphone

SENNHEISER E-906 Evolution Series - dynamic instrument microphone

AUDIX DP ELITE - 8-piece drum kit microphone set

AUDIO TECNICA SERIE AE 5100 - cardioid condenser instrument microphone
AUDIO TECNICA SERIE AT 4041 - cardioid condenser microphone

SHURE PG288E/PG58 R10 - vocal Dual System
SHURE PGX24/SM58 - wireless microphone

SENNHIESER EW 100 G3 Series:
EW 122 G3 - cardioid lavalier wireless system for speakers and live presentations
EW112-p G3 - wireless portable microphone system intended for portable wireless operation, such as professional video and field recording applications. This camera-mountable system includes a UHF diversity receiver, bodypack transmitter and ME2 lavalier microphone

EW 322 G2 Clip-on
EW 345 G2 Hand held
EW 352 G2 Hands free
AUDIO TECHNICA ATW 1600 SERIE + ATW-T162 Handheld Hypercardioid Dynamic microphone /transmitter


We can provide sound and Audio visual technicians for different types of small and large private and corporate events, Whether you are simply looking for a sound or AV technician to be on hand for the duration of your small event to lift the burden of having to operate the equipment yourself and give you peace of mind or you are planning a big event and require the expertise from the most experienced engineers available on Mallorca that specialize in Sound Engineering, Lighting, Visuals and Electrics, then we can help you.

No event is too big for us to handle!

If you don’t see what you are looking for we’ll source it for you.
Please call us for a quotes on +34 971 227 844 or email us



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