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Pikando Quartet - Modern Flamenco with jazz-fusion

Pikando is the coming together of four of the islands most promising new generation of talented and charismatic gypsy flamenco musicians. Fusing Flamenco with Cuban, Jazz and pop music to create a fresh new sound in the style of Bebo Valdes and El Cigala.

Joaquín "Joaquinito"; Guitar
Jorge "El de la Zagala"; Cantaor singer
Benji; Percussion (ex percussionist to Pitingo)

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Vida Loca


Gipsy Kings Tribute band

[Small band format: lead singer, 2 guitarists /backing vocals and keyboard player + original tracks with them playing on them to create a fuller sound.

The bands large format consists of the following instrumentation:
the above mentioned format + 2 guitars, bass, drums and percussion, with the option to also include trumpet and trombone - the large format is performed 100% live without tracks.

Flamenco Rumba quartet
2 guitarists/vocalist, keyboard player and percussionist (Paila)
This group performs a mixture of original songs, Gypsy Kings covers, Luís Miguel, Peret, Alejandro Sanz and more…

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Gypsy Factoria


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Chiquita Bonita


Flamenco guitarist/vocalist

Irrisitable is the word which defines the voice and songs of this guitarist, vocalist, arranger and composer. Toni was born in Sevilla into a family of musicians and grew up in Mallorca. He made his first public appearance at the age of six.

He later went on to become a stage and studio session guitarist/producer working with varios well known Spanish flamenco and flamenco/pop artists like Azuquita, Manolo Ortega, Joan Bibiloni, Alazan, DJ Carlos Gallardo, Joel, Sinay, Tomatito, Africa, Raimundo Amador and Sheiro amongst others. He formed part of the band Rumba Viva, which he stayed with for a few years before branching out alone to work on his solo carrer.

Toni has various projects which allow him to experiment and fuse flamenco and classical Spanish music (in the style of Paco de Lucia) with various different musical genres like Rumba, latin jazz, jazz, pop and chillout.

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